TERA6G objective’s is to develop new generation wireless links with Terabit-per-second data throughput capacity using hybrid photonic integration technology advances unlocking disruptive wireless transceivers employing massive MIMO for beyond-5G networks and providing key characteristics:

  • Agility: Ultra-wide bandwidth (up to 30 GHz per channel, handling any modulation scheme) and continuous frequency tuning of the carrier frequency from 30 GHz to 450 GHz, reaching into the Terahertz (THz) range.
  • Scalability: Development of scalable Multiple-Input/Multiple-Output (MIMO) capable of handling a large number of beams with 2-dimensional antenna arrays with beamforming and beam-steering
  • Reconfigurability: TERA6G modules frequency agility and number of available wireless pencil-beams unlock implementing a variety of functions, from wireless data transmission to channel sounding and radar ranging.

The goal is enabled by a set of objectives:

  • Scalable multi-MIMO Blass Matrix Transmitter module handling up to 4 beams transmitted from a 2D array with 16 antenna elements in a 4×4 array.
  • Scalable multi-MIMO incoherent multi-band Receiver module handling 4 beams with 4 different LO oscillators received at a 4×4 antenna array.
  • Reconfigurable transceiver modules, capable of implementing different independent functionalities on each beam.
  • “Fiber over the air” and THz smart management, integrating THz wireless technologies and systems, and designing Network Functions allowing their management as part of network slicing functionality aiming at dynamic automated management of multi-beam wireless system resources, fully programmable end-to-end orchestrated communication networks.
  • Dynamic networks based on adaptive, energy-efficient, multi-beam nodes, developing methods and algorithms to maximize system energy efficiency adapting dynamically physical layer resources.

Read more here 6G waves magazine : spring 2023 (oulu.fi), page 34.





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