The Smart Connectivity DIH Network has mainly worked on the following topics:

1/ Completion of the 5GPPP projects vertical use cases in order to feed the 6GStart vertical cartography and the replicability catalogue. We have collected 25 new use cases with 10 of them replicable. The campaign is still open until end of August, then an update of the replicability catalogue will be made and disseminated.

2/ Organisation of the event “Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) to strengthen knowledge exchange with the SNS community and collaboration” which will take place on the 5th October. The main objective is to help cooperations between DIHs and SNS technology providers. (see below the full description inn the Save The date Section)

3/ Analysis of the SNS-OPS questionnaire regarding replicability of the projects results (use cases and solutions). Among the 35 answers, 29 of them claimed to provide replicable results. The first analysis showed that 23 of them seems to be highly replicable as the other seems more difficult to replicate. When these projects will provide their concrete results, we should be able to use the replicability assessment tool to give a replicability level to each of these results.

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