6G-BRICKS Open Call Webinar on the 2nd February 2024 -10:30 AM – 12:00 PM CET

Open Calls Details

6G-BRICKS will organizeย two rounds of open callsย to select up to 14-26 sub-projects for the roll-out of 3rd party experiments on 6G-BRICKS experimental infrastructure. A total ofย โ‚ฌ 1.680.906ย corresponding to 20% of the projectโ€™s total budget, will be provided in the form of lump sum funding of up toย โ‚ฌ120.000ย with maxย โ‚ฌ60.000ย per beneficiary. The objective of the Open Calls is to validate the capabilities, functionalities and performance of the 6GBRICKS experimental facility in extended domains which will complement those of the internal Use Cases.

FSTP (Financial Support for Third Parties) recipients:ย Beneficiaries must beย consortia composed of up to 2 legal entitiesย SME and/or Big Company and/or RTO, from EU member states or associated countries to Horizon Europe. All applicants should provide their Participant Identification Code (PIC), which is a 9-digit number that serves as a unique identifier for legal entities participating in European funding programmes.


Key details:

6G-BRICKS Project

6G-BRICKS aims to deliver a new 6G experimentation facility, building on the baseline of mature ICT-52 platforms, that bring breakthrough cell-free and RIS technologies, which have shown promise in beyond 5G networks. Moreover, novel unified control paradigms based on Explainable AI and Machine Reasoning are explored. All enablers will be delivered in the form of reusable components with open APIs, termed โ€œbricksโ€. Initial integrations with O-RAN will be performed, aiming for the future-proofing and interoperability of 6G-BRICKS outcomes.

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