Communication and Brand Guidelines

For the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) programme, communication is key to highlighting the results of our project and the contribution they make to advance SNS research and innovation in Europe.

Communicating about the project’s outcomes and impacts towards the SNS JU is critical in establishing a solid European research and innovation (R&I) foundation, and defining the next-generation networks.

Permission to use the SNS JU logo

The Smart Networks & Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) projects may use this logo by these guidelines on the overall SNS JU project websites and relevant documents.
The SNS JU projects may also use this logo, in addition to their project logos, for project documents, presentations, PR material and deliverables without additional permissions.

Third parties may be allowed to use the SNS JU logo in an appropriate context subject to permission being granted. Any request for use of the logo should be submitted to info<at>

In all cases, the permission to use the SNS JU logo is conditional on the SNS JU logo being used in its entirety without distorting, modifying or separating the elements.

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