SNS JU Working Groups (SNS JU WGs) are cross-project collaborations where the activities of multiple SNS JU projects are discussed by the representative project participants to converge and create positive synergies. The results of these discussions are published regularly as white papers. The goals of each WG and their guidelines are defined in the Terms of Reference of each WG. Projects wishing to join an SNS JU WG should approach the respective WG Chairperson.

  • ‘SNS JU WGs’ are open to representatives of ongoing SNS JU projects. (Below)
  • ‘6G-IA WGs’ are open to 6G IA Members and, if appropriate, representatives of ongoing SNS JU projects. (Information on these WGs is available on the 6G IA website.)

Working Groups originating from the SNS JU Projects are referred to as the SNS JU WGs and include:

  • 6G Architecture WG
  • Reliable Software Network WG
  • Test, Measurement and KPIs Validation WG

These WGs are elaborated below:

SNS JU Working Groups

SNS JU 6G Architecture Working Group

Oemer Bulakci, Nokia
Xi Li, NEC Lab

The goal of this Working Group is to serve as a common platform to facilitate the discussions between SNS JU projects developing architectural concepts and components as well as validating them, and to attain a consolidated European view on the overall 6G architecture.

The SNS JU Architecture WG will disseminate the results via white papers and international conferences/workshops as well as bilateral/multilateral workshops with global stakeholders.

SNS JU Reliable Software Network Working Group

David Artunedo Guillen – Telefonica

Dimitris Tsolkas –

The purpose of this WG is to analyse and address unification and applicability of key research topics related to Software Networking including cloud native design, network abstraction, “as code” design, APIs, AI/ML, DevSecOps etc., covering all the network stack: infrastructures, platforms and components for Wire and- Wireless Networks, including Networked Clouds, EDGE, IoT and Services. The focus is to analyse the recent trends and the key technological challenges to transform the network to a lego based and open model.

The  Reliable Software Networking WG will disseminate the results via white papers and international conferences/workshops as well as bilateral/multilateral workshops with global stakeholders.

SNS JU Test, Measurement and KPIs Validation Working Group

Michael Dieudonne – Keysight Technologies

Ioannis Patseouras – WINGS

The Test Measurement and Validation Working Group (TMV WG) focuses on promoting commonalities across projects that have strong interest in Testing & Monitoring (T&M) methodologies. The TMV provides a forum to share the best practices  in order to support 6G Trial use cases. Such efforts include the development of test and measurement methods, test cases, procedures as well as the KPI/KVI formalization and validation to the greatest possible extent, to ensure a unique European vision on how the entire lifecycle of the 6G network, ranging from R&D to actual deployed environments, can be supported.

The TMV objectives are:

  • To cover all aspect of testing, validation and measurement
    • KPI/KVI definition, sources, collection procedures, validation methodologies and analysis
    • Testing frameworks (requirements, environment, scenarios, expectations, limitation) and tools
    • Testing methodologies and procedures
    • Testing lifecycle (i.e., testing execution, monitoring, evaluation and reporting)
    • Analysis of trials results and generation of insights
  • TMV has also a few special topics: EMF & Data Reusability across SNS JU projects
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