The Programme Office is supporting the Executive Director. Under the responsibility of the Executive Director, the Programme Office is in charge of the daily management of the Joint Undertaking and executes all its activities, from project management to financial matters and communication.

The key responsibilities of the Programme Office are:

  • Execution of the EU budget through implementation of calls for proposals and consequent monitoring of a portfolio of projects including dissemination and exploitation of their results, and feedback to policies;
  • Management of the R&I agenda of the Joint Undertaking in coordination with the JU members (Commission, 6G Industry Association) and other stakeholders including EU Member States, international interest groups or scientific community;
  • Communication on the Joint Undertaking results and technologies related to Smart Networks and Services, including measures to increase public awareness.

White Atrium, Avenue de la Toison d’Or 56-60, B-1060 Brussels/Belgium (TO56)

  • Erzsébet Fitori
    Erzsébet Fitori Executive Director
  • Javier Albares
    Javier Albares Head of Programmes
  • Pavlos Fournogerakis
    Pavlos Fournogerakis Deputy Head of Programmes
  • Chiara Mazzone
    Chiara Mazzone Programme Officer
  • Odysseas Pyrovolakis
    Odysseas Pyrovolakis Programme Officer
  • Oana Radu
    Oana Radu Programme Officer
  • Marinos Charalambides
    Marinos Charalambides Programme Officer
  • Claudio Scalese
    Claudio Scalese Project Officer
  • Nicola Cannarozzi
    Nicola Cannarozzi Team Leader Administration and Finance
  • Susanna Torres
    Susanna Torres Financial Officer
  • Stéphanie Le Berre
    Stéphanie Le Berre Legal Officer
  • Nora Filler
    Nora Filler Financial Assistant
  • Axel Wolpert
    Axel Wolpert Administrative Assistant
  • Irene Ndongosi
    Irene Ndongosi Administrative Assistant
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