Current vacancy advertisement information from the SNS JU can be found here.

There are for now no current vacancies open from the SNS JU Office.

Previous vacancy advertisement information from the SNS JU can be found below.

Project Officer / Call Coordinator

Vacancy notice for the position of Project Officer / Call Coordinator (SNS/CA/FGIV/2023/01/POCC )

The Project Officer / Call Coordinator will be assigned duties and responsibilities within the Programme unit related to the management of research grants as well as to the planning, management and implementation of SNS call launch, evaluation and reporting. In addition, the Project Officer / Call Coordinator will also coordinate the overall planning and management of project interim reviews.

Submission deadline: 2 May 2023, 23:59 CET

Head of Programmes of the SNS JU

Vacancy Notice For The Position Of Head Of Programmes (TA AD 9-12)

The Head of Programmes is a key middle manager in the organisation, directly reporting to the Executive Director of the Joint Undertaking. In his/her role as a manager, the successful candidate shall ensure that the different teams under his/her supervision deliver professional, efficient and timely services to the JU.

The Head of Programmes has responsibility for the scientific and technical work of the JU Office, for the coordination and communication of its activities and for preparing the Multiannual Strategy and R&I Work Programmes of the JU.

The Head of Programmes will contribute to the preparation and implementation of the technical and administrative activities necessary to accomplish the mission and objectives of the Joint Undertaking. This includes the preparation of calls for proposals/tenders including their evaluation, expert assignment, grant management, and any associated administrative matter.

She/he has to provide clear leadership, with an emphasis on strategic planning, cost effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness and sound management, and with maintaining a culture of customer service. She/he will lead a staff of 6-10 people.

Submission deadline: 12 January 2023, 23:59 CET

Executive Director of the SNS JU

Vacancy notice for Executive Director of the SNS Joint Undertaking (senior management position, AD14)

The Executive Director is the chief executive responsible for the management of the Joint Undertaking.

S/he is the legal representative of the JU and takes overall responsibility for its operations including budget implementation, as well as ensuring the coordination between the different bodies and services of the SNS JU, which include the JU office itself, the Governing Board, the States’ Representatives Group and the Stakeholder Group.

As such, s/he will play a key role in the implementation of the objectives of the SNS JU, which are critical for Europe’s competitiveness in the field. S/he will perform his/her tasks with independence and will be accountable to the Governing Board, which is composed of representatives of the Commission and of the private sector.

S/he will both ensure the oversight of the strategic agenda of the SNS JU as agreed with the Governing Board and assume day-to-day decision-making. The latter includes, in particular, to organize, direct and supervise the operations and the staff of the SNS JU in line with the Regulation establishing the JU.

S/he will establish contacts and work closely with representatives of all the relevant stakeholders and members of the SNS JU (the Commission and the Private Member(s) as well as the advisory bodies of the SNS JU.

Submission deadline: 18 July 2022 12:00 Brussels time

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