The new “European SME Expertise in 5G and Beyond” brochure is out!

The 8th edition of the “European SME Expertise in 5G and Beyond” brochure has been released! The catalogue encompasses over 80 SMEs profiles, highlighting their expertise in 5G/6G, as well as the vertical sectors in which they are involved, ranging from media to health and from public safety to transport, among many others.

The brochure also includes over 15 success stories showcasing the incredible achievements of SMEs in the past year. The stories illustrate the results of the SME’ exploitation work performed in 5G PPP and SNS projects, as well as other relevant projects at European and national level.



The “Find the SME you need” web page has been updated with the latest information provided by SMEs. You will find on this page a synthesis of technological expertise and skills from SMEs, as well as information on which vertical sectors they focus.

Since the SNS JU requests a minimum 20% participation of SMEs in projects the brochure and web page offer an excellent opportunity to find the SMEs that will make the difference in your next project(s).

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