ADROITT6G shared the presentation delivered by Prof. Pietro Michiardi, Head of the Data Science Department at EURECOM, during the Huawei Lavender Summit 2023, in Mandelieu-La-Napoule, July 6-7 2023. Prof. Michiardi provided an enlightening overview of their research activities within the ADROIT6G project, focusing on the intersection of multimodality and diffusion models. Here, ADROIT6G present an abstract of his talk.



During the presentation, a special class of generative models, known as diffusion processes, was discussed in detail. The applications and challenges currently being addressed by the scientific community were presented to the audience. The talk commenced with a quick background on diffusion processes, offering an overview of the theory behind score-based models. The audience was introduced to recent research advances that elevated diffusion models in the infinite-dimensional space of functions, and the numerous benefits of such an approach were illustrated. The presentation concluded with an exploration of the extension of diffusion models to handle multi-modal data. The potential applications of these models in future wireless networks were briefly discussed.


More information is available on the ADROIT6G website.

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