This is a public Brokerage resource for the SNS JU calls requesting proposal submissions in April 2022.

Information for all proposal participants:

The SNS JU call texts provide the context for identifying where your interests lie and the topics of the call are used in this tool to indicate areas of interest.

We wish to remind all proposers that SNS JU projects will be complementary in nature requiring all participants to be part of a programme level Collaboration Agreement and for all projects to participate in programme level activities such as the Steering board, Technical Board, metrics for programme level achievements and topical working groups. Please keep this in mind when dimensioning your projects.

If you want to present your information here please follow the appropriate link below and submit your information. (All submissions are moderated and can take until the next working day to be published)

If you want to browse the submitted information to find either proposals or potential partners please follow the links at the bottom of the page. (We may create Hierarchical lists if there are large numbers of submissions)

This resource can be used in 4 ways:

1. For offers of Expertise: (participants looking for projects) To post your profile and indicate your interests so prospective partners can find you. Click here to submit an Expertise Offer.

Here you can share your profile and competence for all to consider. The key information needed here is what sort of organisation you are (SMEs, academics, industry, etc.,), if you are a member of the 6G IA nad can contribute to the IKOP assessment and what expertise you can offer. You should also say specifically which aspects of the call you want to address. (the form allows multiple key words and target areas to be chosen by re-selecting in the drop down lists multiple times). In principle such an offer must include your contact email so you may be contacted. This contact will be made public.

2. For Idea owners or proposal leaders: To post your project ideas so prospective partners can ask to join with you. Click here to submit a Proposal/Idea

The key information needed if you want to announce your idea or proposal is: what you want to do, exactly which call of the work programme you plan to address, which SNS goals will you contribute to, and what competences or participants (SMEs, academics, industry, etc.,) do you need.  You may do this as the potential coordinator of a proposal or you may do it with your idea just to find like-minded people to form a consortium. Proposal or Idea owners may keep their identity private and any interests in your proposal/idea will be forwarded to you.

3. Link to browse Submitted Expertise Offerings To browse or search up loaded profiles to find the competence you need in your proposal(s) Click here to browse the list of submitted Profile / Expertise Offerings

4. Links to browse Submitted Proposal Ideas:  To browse or search project ideas to see if there are any you would like to offer your participation to. Click here to browse the list of submitted Proposals /Ideas

In summary, this tool will show information about potential proposals that people may wish to contact and also show expertise offered by potential participants that you may wish to invite to join your consortium.  We hope it can help you to find suitable partners and projects.  As always with such services it will only be successful if the community wishes to use it.

For both proposals and profiles, simple lists will be used until the growing number of submissions require multiple lists and/or search capabilities to be introduced to keep the service useful.

We encourage all potential participants in the SNS JU phase 1 to avail of this service and to make your proposals strong by finding the best partners and collaborations.

GDPR Statement: The data collected and shared through this tool will only be used for the purposes shown and will be taken offline after the SNS Phase 1 calls have closed.

This service has been prepared by Eurescom as a support to the community for the forthcoming SNS calls.




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