Ignacio Cascudo from IMDEA Software, represented the CONFIDENTIAL6G project at the Nordic Congress of Mathematicians (NCM29) held from  3-7 July 2023  at Aalborg University in Denmark. This Prestigious event, organized in collaboration with the European Mathematical Society, brought together mathematicians and researchers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The conference provided a platform for Ignacio to showcase the contributions of CONFIDENTIAL6G and gain visibility among experts in the field.

In the CONFIDENTIAL6G project, IMDEA Software Institute plays a crucial role in Work Package 2 (WP2) – Confidential Toolkit. WP2 focuses on designing a toolkit for privacy-preserving technologies and post-quantum cryptography. It encompasses cryptographic enablers for 6G privacy-preserving and confidential computation and networking. This toolkit involves a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility, practicality, and hardware/software requirements for implementing these primitives. To demonstrate the toolkit’s value, WP2 applies its findings to the Enterprise/Utilities sector, specifically in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) applications, which are pivotal in driving 6G innovation.

Ignacio’s representation of the CONFIDENTIAL6G project and IMDEA Software Institute’s work in WP2 at the Nordic Congress of Mathematicians gained attention from a diverse range of stakeholders. Including members of the scientific community, such as lecturers, professors, researchers, Ph.D. students, computer science students, as well as industry professionals. Ignacio’s presence provided a valuable opportunity to emphasize the significance of privacy-preserving technologies and post-quantum cryptography in next-generation networks. This notable gathering of mathematicians, researchers, and industry professionals served as a platform for Ignacio to showcase the objectives, achievements, and potential impact of the CONFIDENTIAL6G project on network management. The conference facilitated connections with key stakeholders and fostered collaborations with experts in the field, enhancing the visibility and prospects of CONFIDENTIAL6G.




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