With nearly 20 years of experience in the telecommunication sector, Erzsébet Fitori has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking by its Governing Board, effective 1 October.

“I am honoured to lead the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking at such a pivotal moment. Europe has a real chance to take a leading role in the development of 6G but we need to act now. I am excited about the opportunity to develop further the SNS JU to become the relevant platform to perform world-class research towards 6G systems and agree on international matters, in view of setting global standards for 6G. With our public and private partners and a dedicated SNS team, I am committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of smart networks and services for Europe” said Erzsébet, expressing her excitement about joining the SNS JU.

Erzsébet Fitori’s mission will be to drive forward the SNS JU, a new entity officially established in November 2021. She will take over from Peter Stuckmann, DG CONNECT, who served as Interim Executive Director for the past two years, and will complete setting up the Programme Office, currently employing 12 staff members. The SNS JU continues to grow and expects to reach its full staff capacity in early 2024.

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