At the European Wireless 2023, 2nd – 4th October in Rome, Prof. Symeon Chatzinotas, from the University of Luxembourg participated and gave a keynote talk on the topic “Mega Constellations – Trends, Technologies and Vision”.

Prof. Chatzinotas’ keynote focused on large LEO constellations and multi-orbit satellite systems have recently emerged as complex network architectures that provide and enhance a range of satellite services e.g. ubiquitous broadband internet, direct to handheld, satellite IoT etc. The current talk reviews the current capabilities of such systems from a communication perspective and describes the challenges of applying key technological enablers in space. In addition, we present a vision about future research topics of long-term importance in the area of Satellite Communications and Non-Terrestrial Networks.

Access the presentation here.


ETHER also announced to be interviewed and featured in the Constellations Newsletter published by the Kratos magazine.

In this podcast, Dr. Konstantinos Ntontin, a research scientist at the University of Luxembourg, SnT and the coordinator of ETHER, explained that 6G will be a dramatic departure from earlier network architectures that were built to optimize terrestrial networks.

“The idea in 3GPP Release 17 was to incorporate non-terrestrial networks by using the already optimized functionalities of terrestrial networks,” he told Constellations. “But in terms of 6G networks, we follow a completely different approach. We consider a unified network that comprises three layers: the terrestrial layer, the aerial layer…and the satellite layer.” Dr. Konstantinos Ntontin.

Read the full article here.

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