The SNS ICE project has established communication links with more than 24 international stakeholders including IMT-2030 (5G) & (6G) Promotion Group – China, 5GForum (South Korea), 5G MF (Japan, 5G Americas , Telebrasil – Projecto “5G Brasil”, ENCQOR (Canada), TSDSI (India, Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium – Japan, Next G Alliance – North America, Trade and Technology Council (EU-US, Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI) – Taiwan.

The project has also established connections with more than 30 European stakeholders and 6G  National initiatives, including Key Digital Technologies (KDT), High Performance Computing (HPC), Photonics 21, AI, Data and Robotics, CCAM Association, DIH, Subnet works, CELTIC-NEXT, AENEAS, GSMA, Small Cell Forum, 6G Platform Germany…

It is also connected with more than 10 vertical stakeholders/associations including 5GAA (Automotive), ERTICO (transport systems and services), ECSO (security), PSCE (Security), NEM (Media), EBU (Media), 5G-ACIA (Manufacturing), UIC (Railways), EUTC (utilities), ECHAlliance (Healthà and/or 5G Health Association…

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