The Spanish Facility:

The Spanish facility within the IMAGINE-B5G platform offers advanced 5G capabilities for vertical trials and pilots. It includes various environments, such as a university campus, maritime port, and rural site, allowing experimentation with 5G equipment and the development of services for multiple verticals, including media, transportation, education, and more.

The facility features Sub-6GHz and mmWave frequency bands, multi-edge computing capabilities, network slicing, and interconnection with public networks. It also offers an immersive laboratory for holographic and haptic communications.

The Norway Facility:

The Norway facility in the IMAGINE-B5G project provides large-scale 5G services for vertical customers, solution providers, and telco operators. It features cloud-native infrastructure, full-stack orchestration, a multi-vendor 5G SA core, multi-site services, and staged testing environments.

The facility offers customized edge clouds, professional security solutions, and is open for experimentation and the development of secure cloud-native applications.


The Portuguese Facility:

The Portuguese Facility, comprising four institutions, offers a rich set of capabilities for 5G and beyond-5G technologies. It features geographically distributed indoor and outdoor sites, including seaport, city, university campus, and industrial environments.

The facility provides fully functional 5G SA infrastructure, edge computing solutions, support for third-party applications, testing environments, and monitoring solutions. It invites experimentation and collaboration for developing and integrating innovative use cases in various domains.

The French Facility:

The French facility, a crucial component of the IMAGINE-B5G platform, offers advanced 5G capabilities for vertical trials and pilots. Situated at Sophia Antipolis science park, it provides diverse environments for executing various use cases. Open5GLab at EURECOM delivers experimental 5G services using open-source tools, enabling new network functions testing in controlled and live settings.

The RAN platform employs OAI open-source software with both indoor and outdoor deployments, supporting different functional splits and MIMO configurations. The core network solution utilizes a 3GPP 5GC service-based architecture with configurable docker containers. The facility’s computing resources are organized into clusters, promoting flexibility.

The French facility invites collaboration to explore new use cases and platform extensions, aiming to co-create value-added opportunities.

Detailed information about the facilities is available on Imagine-B5G website.

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