The PREDICT-6G project, now six months in, reflects on its achievements, current status, and upcoming milestones. The initial phase involved defining use cases, communication requirements, and system-level principles, resulting in an architectural blueprint. Key deliverables include a Data Management Plan and a communication strategy. Technical work packages (WP) are actively engaged, with WP2 focusing on deterministic data planes and cross-domain integration, while WP3 handles autonomous control and management for end-to-end services. Upcoming deliverables in August and September will delve deeper into data plane and control/management plane technologies. The project is poised for a productive summer, culminating in substantial technical progress and preparing for lab work in 2024. The collaborative effort and cross-WP expertise underline PREDICT-6G’s ongoing success in pursuit of its ambitious goals.

Read the full communication on the PREDICT66G website.

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