IWAPS workshop in the Context of ARES 2023

Benevento, Italy – 29 August – 1st September, 2023

The “3rd International Workshop on Advances on Privacy Preserving Technologies and Solutions” IWAPS 2023, will happen in the context of ARES 2023.

The 2023 IWAPS will bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners to present and discuss latest advances and innovations in theories, infrastructure, schemes, and applications for secure computation, privacy technologies, security economics, human computer interaction, as well as to identify emerging research topics and define the future trends.

The ARES conference will take place in Benevento, Italy during August 29 – September 01, 2023 period.

The workshop is co-organized from the following European Commission (Horizon 2020 Programme) projects, including Evolved 5G.

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