SNS JU April 2024 Newsflash

In this last newsflash of April 2024, find back

    • a recap of events where SNS JU or the 5G and 6G communities have an impact,
    • join the discussion followed by SNS JU projects news
    • and do not miss any coming events in the Save-the-Dates !

5G and 6G Events catch-up:

IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference WCNC 2024


The IEEE Wireless Communications and Networks Conference 2024 (WCNC) took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from April 21 to 24, 2024.

Under the theme “Wireless Communications for Growing Opportunities”, the Dubai edition of the IEEE Communications Society’s flagship conference offered a comprehensive, high-quality program featuring technical sessions, tutorials, and workshops, as well as technology and industry panels.

The International Workshop on 6G Architecture (6GArch).

On 21 April 2024, Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) projects PREDICT-6G and 6G-NTN presented their latest advances in the field of the 6G Architecture at the 3rd 6G Arch Workshop whose organisation was supported by TrialsNet.

More information about the workshop is available here.

Panel discussion on “Energy Efficiency in Wireless Communications Networks, 5G to 6G Challenges and Opportunities”

BeGREEN project manager Dr Mir Ghoraishi co-organized an expert panel at WCNC 2024 on “Energy efficiency in wireless communication networks, challenges and opportunities from 5G to 6G”, featuring experts Volker Ziegler, Merouane Debbah, Chiara Lombardo and Paolo Dini.

This panel was co-organized by the BeGREEN, the 6Green, Verge SNS projects and Greenedge ITN. It brought together ideas from different perspectives on sustainability and energy efficiency in 6G.

More information about the Panel discussion is available here.


Project participation

NANCY project participated took part in the conference to explore the latest trends, share knowledge, and forge meaningful connections with industry leaders and experts.

More information is available here.

PREDICT-6G took part in the conference, with contributions focused mainly on 6G architecture.

Sebastian Robitzsch (InterDigital) presented his paper “Formation and Assertion of Data Unit Groups in 3GPP Networks with TSN and PDU Set Support” in 6GArch: the 3rd Workshop on 6G Architecture. In addition, post-doc David Rico Menendez (UC3M) presented his paper “6G Architecture for Enabling Predictable, Reliable and Deterministic Networks: the PREDICT6G Case” in 6GArch1: 6G Architecture roadmap.

More information is available here.

6G-NTN member Rabih Dakkak presented work acknowledged by 6G-NTN on cell-free federated MIMO beamforming with LFoV subnetwork architecture, considering multiple NGSO satellite swarms in the context of 6G NTN architecture.

More information is available here.

TrialsNet has supported the organization of 3rd 6G Arch Workshop, co-located with IEEE WCNC.

More information is available here.

6G-BRICKS was represented by its partner IS-Wireless who presented a technical paper titled “DQN and Heuristic Precoding-aware Scheduling in Cell-free mMIMO Networks”.

More information is available here.

The CENTRIC project was represented by Sergi Liesegang Maria, one of the project members, who presented his work and that of Stefano Buzzi, sponsored by CENTRIC and the Fondazione RESTART, on “EMF-compliant power control in wireless networks”.

More information is available here.


ETSI Conference on “Non-Terrestrial Networks, a Native Component of 6G”

The ETSI Conference on “Non-Terrestrial Networks, a Native Component of 6G” took place face-to-face on 3-4 April 2024 in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France. The conference is co-organized with the ESA, 6G-IA and the SNS-JU.

This face-to-face event provided attendees with insights into the opportunities and challenges of integrating terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks within the global communications landscape of tomorrow.

Day 1: It highlighted that the success of NTN depends on the collaboration of all ecosystem players, the availability of significant compatible terminals, multi-layer coordination between NGEO and GEO, FR2 frequency bands, and standardization right from the start.

Day 2 : Many research and development projects on NTN and 6G were presented, among them, 6G-NTN, 6G-SANDBOX, 5G-STARDUST, and other research initiatives. All aim to advance 6G NTN through collaborative efforts and ensure effective cooperation by sharing open-source tools, investing, and accelerating progress.



The 6G-NTN project released and presented the results of its white paper entitled “Vision on Non-Terrestrial Networks in 6G system (or IMT-2030)”, in which use cases, requirements and the possible approach to standardization were explored in depth. In addition, the project coordinator and technical director led sessions on national and international initiatives for 6G NTNs, and on the next steps the global 6G community could take in developing the NTN infrastructure.

The document is available to download here.

More information is available here.



The 6G-SANDBOX project took part in the conference, where Telefónica partner David Artuñedo, gave a presentation entitled “6G-SANDBOX Activities toward NTN-6G” as part of session 5-EC FUNDED / CELTIC / SNS / OTHER RESEARCH PROJECTS. The presentation started with the definition of the test network within the 6G-SANDBOX project, and continued, among other things, with NTN communication as backhaul, and multipath protocols, finalizing his speech with the presentation of the MoU between 6G-SANDBOX and the European Space Agency – ESA and how OpenCAPIF is used in 6G-SANDBOX project activities towards non-terrestrial networks.

More information is available here.



Project partners of 5G-STARDUST with Thales Alenia Space France and Consorzio Nazionale Italiano per le Telecomunicazioni (CNIT), were present at the event, taking the stage on behalf of sibling SNS projects 6G-NTN and ETHER, as a demonstration of the intrinsic synergy between the SNS cluster’s activities. 5G-STARDUST’s Coordinator Tomaso de Cola (DLR) joined the stage highlighting the seamless integration between Non-Terrestrial Networks and 5G Advanced at the core of the project’s work. The consortium also presented a new 5G-STARDUST poster, detailing concept, use cases (ranging from maritime, railway, and airway neutral host-cell to broadband for public protection and disaster relief), along with the envisioned architecture.

More information is available here.


Dr. Carlos Guimarães from Siemens AG presented the ADROIT6G project at the ETSI Conference on Non-Terrestrial Networks, where the project’s NTNs aspects were highlighted. The presentation (and poster) was included as part of the ‘EC FUNDED / CELTIC / SNS / OTHER RESEARCH PROJECTS’ session where it shared the stage with other ongoing NTN-related projects.

More information is available here.




On 9 April 2024 took place the #4-2 Interim Steps: “6G Standardisation Requirements”, 2nd workshop of the IAFA Event Series. This series of online workshops, organized by SNS OPS as part of its Impact Assessment and Facilitation Action (IAFA) initiative in collaboration with ETSI and, addressed relevant topics related to standardization challenges in the context of 5G/6G developments. The events included the participation of experts sponsored by the premium service program and covered topics such as future 6G SDO agendas, 6G SDO work items, verticals and standardization, including progress and support for services enabled by 5G and 6G.


PREDICT-6G was one of the projects invited to participate in the workshop with 5G-EPICENTRE and Int5Gent.

Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M) spoke about PREDICT-6G’s standardization efforts, including how the project is organized internally to deal with standards-related issues and how it manages cooperation with the various SDOs. Carlos also gave an overview of PREDICT-6G’s achievements in the field to date.

5G and Industrial Wireless Arena @ Hannover Messe 2024


Hannover Messe 2024 took place on 22-26 April 2024 in Hannover, Germany. The event exhibited innovative and well-known companies, R&D and Alliances, The Arena offers a unique combination of live technology demonstrations, expert presentations, and face-to-face networking with companies from the 5G and industrial wireless ecosystem.

Cross-project Panel Discussion “Is Industry waiting for 6G?”

On 23 April 2024, TIMES-6G, TERRAMETA and 6G-SHINE joined a cross-project panel to discuss the future of 6G.

6G Symposium

The 6G Symposium, a pivotal gathering in the realm of telecommunications, held in Levi, Finland, from 9-11 April 2024. The symposium convened experts and stakeholders to chart the course for the forthcoming 6G era.



The 6G Symposium witnessed a groundbreaking display of next-generation XR (Extended Reality) technologies in which 6G-XR showcased its technology.

At the 6G-XR booth, the project team held a demonstration teaser of XR capabilities. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, including Apple’s Vision Pro, attendees were treated to a glimpse of emerging communication technology. The XR presentation showcased 3D digital twin collaborations, cyber-physical fusion, and novel approaches to remote work, transcending traditional video conferencing with immersive spatial communications.

More information is available here.


IS-Wireless was represented by its Board Advisor Timo Jokiaho, who led a panel discussion on AI in telecoms. IS-Wireless R&D team actively participates in several European Union research projects on 6G including 6G-BRICKS project, 6G-SANDBOX project, or SUNRISE-6G.


OFC 2024


On 24-28 March 2024, OFC 2024 took place in San Diego, USA. OFC is the premier global event for optical communications and networking professionals, attracts attendees from around the world to a conference and exhibition that showcases the latest industry advancements and emerging technologies.


During the event the technical manager of SEASON presented the project by responding to the following inquiries:

1- What is the SEASON project about?
2- Which progress and contributions have been made so far?
3- What is the current and expected presence and impact of SEASON at OFC ?

The video of the speech is available here.

Marc Ruiz Ramírez– Assistant professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya presented the SEASON project paper titled “Privacy Preserving Digital Twin Knowledge Sharing for Multi-domain Networks.”

The video of the presentation is available here.


The DESIRE-6G OFC 2024 Demo videos are now online.



The full articles are available here.

BEYOND Expo 2024


On 25-27 April 2024, the BEYOND Expo took place. It’s an international tech event which takes place annually in Thessaloniki, Greece.

This hybrid “exhibition-summit” event is one of the main digital technology trade shows in South-East Europe, the Mediterranean and MENA regions, and a veritable melting pot of the region’s brightest minds, most innovative companies and most ground-breaking products.

ADROIT-6G was presented by its project coordinator Industrial Systems Institute / Research Centre ATHENA (ISI), 6G-SUNRISE, 6G-BRICKS and 6G-INTENSE were also presented.


SNS JU Project news:



CYENS’ Iacovos Ioannou presented the ADROIT6G project at the 9th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networks (WiSPNET), organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Chennai-603110, India, from 21-23 March 2024. He also gave a lecture on ADROIT6G at SSN University’s Department of Engineering and Communication.

The paper is available here.




TERRAMETA participated at the 18th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2024) in Glasgow which took place on 17-22 March 2024.

This year the contribution of TERRAMETA was massive with 10 consortium’s presententations.

IMAGINE-B5G Second Open Call Webinar and Extented Deadline


On 11 April 2024, IMAGINE-B5G organized a webinar to present its Second Open Call with 2M EUR funding opportunities. This webinar helps to learn more about the IMAGINE-B5G project and the objectives of the Second Open Call.

The Deadline for submitting the proposal has been extended until Monday 10 June 2024, 17:00 (CEST).

Deadline for submitting a feasibility check: Friday 17 May 2024.

The video of this webinar and previous First Open Call webinar are available here.

PREDICT-6G Presentation @ 6G IA Architecture WG Meeting & Demo Videos


6G IA Architecture WG Meeting

The presentation on PREDICT-6G architecture at the 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association 6G architecture WG meeting which held on 1 March 2024 is now available.

This was presented by José Luis Cárcel Cervera, from Atos and Eviden R&D Spain, PREDICT-6G partner.

The presentation is available here.

Use Cases Demo Videos

PREDICT-6G released Use Cases Demo videos on its website:

  • “Target Wake Time” demo à available here.
  • “Smart Factory” demo à available here.



DESIRE-6G was present at the Forum INCYBER 2024 which took place in Lille, France on 26-28 March.

Vincent Lefebvre from SOLID SHIELD (TSS) presented on the topic of Distributed Genuine Intelligence for 6G Network Optimization. This presentation focused on the MAS Agent Security of DESIRE-6G and gave an overview of the project.

6G-SANDBOX @ 1st International Workshop on OpenRIT6G


On 20 March 2024, Anastasius Gavras from 6G-SANDBOX partner Eurescom GmbH was invited to present the ongoing work in 6G-SANDBOX Project in the context of the 1st International Workshop on Open Research Infrastructure and Toolkits for 5G/6G R&D (OpenRIT6G). The presentation was entitled “On the stimulation of an evolution of test and experimentation infrastructures to measure value”. The workshop was held in Cape Town, South Africa.

DESIRE-6G Advisory Board Workshop


On 10 April 2024, DESIRE-6G hosted its first online Advisory Board Workshop. External advisors learned about project objectives, use cases and key performance indicators, D6G system architecture, innovations in deep programmability and ubiquitous monitoring, AI-native and DLT zero-trust architecture, and preliminary demonstrations.

DESIRE-6G Introduction Video


On 2 April 2024, DESIRE-6G published its Introduction video on the topic of Deep Programmability and Secure Distributed Intelligence for Real-Time End-to-End 6G Networks.

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