Webinars to Introduce the New SNS projects

The European Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) is a Public-Private Partnership that aims to facilitate and develop industrial leadership in Europe in 5G and 6G networks and services. The SNS JU funds projects that shape a solid research and innovation (R&I) roadmap and deployment agenda by engaging a critical mass of European stakeholders and facilitating international cooperation on various 6G initiatives.

in January 2023 The Smart Network and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) launched the first phase of its 6G projects, which are critical in establishing a solid research and innovation (R&I) foundation for Europe, defining the next-generation networks.

We now wish to introduce the recently launched projects in a series of 4 lunchtime webinars to give you an overview of their activities and ambitions.

When you register for the first event, you can indicate that you wish to be registered automatically for all four events.

Upcoming Events: (all slides and videos now available – click on each webinar page to see them)

SNS Lunchtime Webinar 1: 
Stream B5, C & D projects addressing 6G Holistic System, SNS experimental Infrastructures & SNS Large scale Trials and Pilots; Wednesday 15/02/2023 @ 12.00

SNS Lunchtime Webinar 2:
Stream A projects addressing:  Smart Communication Components, Systems and Networks for 5G Evolution Systems:  Monday 20/02/2023 @ 12.00

SNS Lunchtime Webinar 3:
Stream B1 & B4 projects addressing:  Architecture & Secure Services and Security:  Thursday 23/02/2023 @ 12.00

SNS Lunchtime Webinar 4:
Stream B2 & B3 projects addressing:  Wireless Communications and Signal Processing & Communication Infrastructure and Devices; Monday 06/03/2023 @ 12.00

During the webinars it will be possible to post questions to the presenters and a dedicated Q&A session will be held at the end of each event.

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