5G IA and AIOTI Smart Networks and IoT “Common topics for research and innovation in Horizon Europe”

The 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) and Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation Association (AIOTI) are collaborating closely on identifying the research and innovation topics that fall into a common scope of interest across the two associations. These topics are crucial for the successful development and deployment of Smart Networks and Services under the Horizon Europe programme.

The two non-profit organizations; 5G IA which comprises leading European players in the ICT value chain and addresses key areas related to 5G development and beyond, and AIOTI which works to stimulate the market uptake and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications in Europe are working to develop a future vision giving direction towards Horizon Europe. In this vision, AI (aritificial intelligence) based control systems in critical application areas in society and industry will depend on data provided by billions of nodes in the IoT, communicating over high performance smart networks.

Continued collaboration between 5GIA and AIOTI on the topics identified in this document will, we believe, help to create economic value and justification for all stakeholders across Europe’s smart communities, energy, industry, mobility, farming, healthcare and many other areas.

5G IA and AIOTI have already created a joint vision paper and in addition developed their individual positions on Horizon Europe priorities in the 5G IA position paper and AIOTI position paper.

This latest “common topics” document summarizes the combined 5G IA/AIOTI work in progress towards developing a common Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) together with the Networld2020 European Technology Platform, for the advancement of Horizon Europe and related program discussions with all relevant external stakeholders.

This document offers a concise overview of research topics of common interest (section 3), starting from an application (use case) viewpoint in section 2, and also expresses the experience and relevance for end users and wider society in key example vertical domains. Section 4 addresses critical non-technical and socio-economic success factors for Smart Networks and Services. Finally, it summarizes important standardization-related and research- driven subjects.

Download the “common topics” document here!


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