On September 27th, Dr. Ioanna Ioannou, the 6GBRICKS’ Open Calls Manager, and Dr. Kostas Ramantas, the Technical Project Manager, presented the upcoming open call at the NetWorldEurope SME WG Meeting. Their presentation covered essential details, including the open call’s thematic focus, evaluation criteria, and the step-by-step procedures for participation.

6GBRICKS is excited to announce that more comprehensive information regarding the first open call will be released shortly, providing prospective participants with a detailed roadmap for engagement in this exciting opportunity.

Budget: €1.680 M in 2 calls


  • 1st call: 1 Dec. 2023 – 31 Jan. 2024
  • 2nd Call: Jun. 2024-Jul. 2024

> Validate the capabilities, functionalities and performance of the 6G-BRICKS facility in extended domains to complement the domains of the internal Use Cases

> Ensure wide applicability of facility and value to the market

  • Consortia of up to 2 SMEs
  • 14-26 projects
  • €120 K by project with a maximum of €60 K per beneficiary
  • 6 months

Further information will be posted on 6G-BRICKS’ website.

Information on all the SNS JU projects open calls are available here: https://smart-networks.europa.eu/open-calls-from-sns-projects/

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