Update: After the call is before the call

The first application phase for the Open Call ended on August 2nd, but what is currently happening behind the scenes? TARGET-X shared the upcoming steps and gave an outline of the phases of evaluation and assessment leading up to the Grant Agreement. The response from SMBs across all verticals during the first Open Call phase from 9th May to 2nd August 2023 was overwhelming, with 130 proposals that reflect the thriving interest and dedication to innovative concepts in the field of 5G/6G technologies. The projects ranged e.g., from sensor networks for the energy sector to optimizing manufacturing processes through advanced 5G.

Moving forward, the selection and evaluation process is thorough and transparent. More info here


Timeline with next steps

Phase 1: Admissibility and Eligibility Check, 3-7 August

The evaluation process began with a check against the admissibility and eligibility conditions outlined in section 3 of our project framework. The eligibility criteria were verified based on self-declarations in the application form.

Phase 2: In/Out Scope Screening by the Selection Committee, 4- 25 August

At this point, the selection committee – consisting of TARGET-X consortium partners – reviews the proposals’ scope, ensuring they align with the projects’ objectives and possess a European dimension.


Phase 3: Independent Individual Evaluation, 12-26 September

At this stage, projects that fit within the ‘In Scope’ criteria undergo rigorous evaluation by two independent experts, covering excellence, impact, and implementation aspects. The experts will be appointed according to the specific characteristics of the applicants from the pool of external experts.

Phase 4: Consensus Group Evaluation

In this phase, experts come together to reach agreement on proposals, addressing the differences and ensuring a clear understanding of each project’s strengths.

The ‘Selection Committee,’ external experts, and ethics advisor decide the ‘Provisional List of FSTP’ based on the ‘Ranking List.’ Top-ranked vertical proposals meeting thresholds are prioritized, with concerns possibly shifting to the next-ranked proposal.

Phase 5: Provisional Selection and Funding Decision, October 2023

During the fifth step, the selection committee and external experts make key decisions based on project rankings, giving priority to the highest-ranked proposal per vertical.

Our commitment extends to ethical considerations, ensuring projects maintain the highest standards.

Phase 6: Ethics Review and Formal Check , October – November 2023

Lastly, selected projects undergo an ethics review, with a focus on scenarios involving confidential data and ethical implications. Before the signature of the Sub-Grant takes place, the Provisional Beneficiaries will be requested to provide formal documentation to prove their compliance with the Eligibility Criteria included in the GfA.

Moving forward

A crucial phase awaits the successful applicants – signing the SubGrant Agreement with the TARGET-X consortium. After signing the agreement, work on the projects may begin taking KPIs and KVIs into consideration.

A 2nd Open Call, which will be launched in November. More information about the upcoming open call will be available shortly.

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