CONFIDENTIAL6G Project at Confidential Computing Summit 2023

The Confidential Computing Summit 2023, held in San Francisco on June 29th, is one of the most important events in the field of data privacy and secure computing solutions. Experts, innovators, cloud providers, software and hardware providers, and user organizations from various industries gathered to accelerate confidential computing initiatives. Dušan Borovčanin, the Deputy CTO of Ultraviolet Consult, was among the speakers at the summit, presenting his work and objectives of the CONFIDENTIAL6G project.

In CONFIDENTIAL6G project Ultraviolet Consult focuses on the development of the Confidential Toolkit in WP2, which aims to enhance privacy-preserving computation, service orchestration, and secure collaborative AI/ML and networking in WP3 and WP4. Moreover, the project’s significance extends to leading Use Case 2 in WP5, where the team explores real-world applications of confidential computing technologies.

During his attendance at The Confidential Computing Summit 2023, Borovčanin had a great opportunity to share the objectives and potential of the CONFIDENTIAL6G project with various stakeholders. The summit provided an ideal platform gaining visibility to the project and exchanging ideas and fostering partnerships among experts, executives, and researchers in confidential computing.

More information is available on CONFIDENTIAL6G website.

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