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The 6G series workshop by Hexa-X-II

February 13 - February 14

Hexa-X-II and other European projects from ICT-52 and SNS JU are organizing a global and fully virtual workshop open to all on February 13-14. Registration is open here The 6G series workshop by Hexa-X-II Feb 2024. The 6Gseries workshop is scheduled for February 13-14 with the support of the European Commission and the SNS JU Office. The event will be hosted by the HEXA-X-II project, with Mikko Uusitalo (Nokia, project lead) and Patrik Rugeland (Ericsson, technical manager) playing key roles. In addition to insights from the 6G view, perspectives from other SNS projects, as well as 6G German research projects, will be covered. The workshop aims to provide valuable insights and stimulate thoughtful discussions, enriched by perspectives from various world regions.


Preliminary Agenda

Feb 13th 9-12 CET: Drivers for 6G, including use cases, verticals and sustainability

  • Opening by EC and 6G IA (20 min)
    Agustin Diaz-Pines, Deputy Head of Unit, EC and Colin Willcock, Chairman, 6G IA
  • Welcome and update from the organizing project Hexa-X-II (20 min)
    project lead Mikko Uusitalo (Nokia) and technical manager Patrik Rugeland (Ericsson)
  • Hexa-X-II: 6G use cases, requirements, drivers and vertical needs (20 min)
    Stefan Wendt, Hexa-X-II WP1 lead (Orange)
  • Next G Alliance (15 min)
    David Young (Atis)
  • Chinese perspective (15 min)
    Dr. Sun Shaohui (CICTMobile)

Break (15 min)

  • Japanese perspective (15 min)
    N. N.
  • Korean perspective (15 min)
    N. N.
  • 6G Vision and Technology Prospects – A view from Taiwan (15 min)
    Mitch Tseng (ITRI)
  • Indian perspective (15 min)
    N.N.Discussion time (15 min)

Feb 13th 14-17 CET: System view and architecture for 6G

  • Hexa-X-II: Foundation of overall 6G system design (20 min)
    Sylvaine Kerboeuf, Hexa-X-II WP2 lead (Nokia)
  • Next G Alliance perspective (20 min)
    Amitava Ghosh (Nokia)
  • Chinese perspective (20 min)
    Liu Guangyi (China Mobile)
  • Japanese perspective (20 min)
    N.N.Break (15 min)
  • Hexa-X-II: Architectural enablers for 6G (20 min)
    Mårten Ericson, Hexa-X-II WP3 lead (Ericson)
  • Additional European perspective (20 min)
    Nicolas Chuberre, 6G NTN (Thales)
  • Additional European perspective (20 min)
    Gerald Kunzman, 6G-Anna (Nokia)
  • Additional European perspective (20 min)

Feb 14th 9-12 CET: Radio evolution and innovation for 6G, including future devices and infrastructure

  • Additional European perspective on architecture (20 min)
    N.N., Deterministic6G
  • Hexa-X-II: Radio Design and Spectrum Access requirements and key enablers for 6G Evolution (20 min)
    Ahmad Nimr, Hexa-X-II WP4 lead (TU Dresden)
  • Additional European perspective (20 min)
    Torsten Dubba, 6G-ANNA (Ericsson)
  • Chinese perspective on sensing (20 min)
    Fang Min (ZTE)Break (15 min)
  • Hexa-X-II: Characteristics and classification of 6G device classes (20 min)
    Jeroen Famaey, Hexa-X-II WP5 lead (IMEC)
  • Additional European perspective on future devices (20 min)
    Gilberto Berardinelli, 6G Shine, (Aalborg Uni)
  • Additional European perspective (20 min)
  • Additional international perspective (20 min)

Feb 14th 14-17 CET: Smart Network Management, including future devices and radio evolution

  • Additional European perspective on radio evolution (20 min)
    N.N., Reindeer
  • Additional international perspective on future devices (20 min)
    Nada Golmie, Research gaps (NIST)
  • Hexa-X-II: Foundations on 6G Smart Network Management and Orchestration Enablers (20 min)
    Ignacio Labrador Pavon, Hexa-X-II WP6 lead (Atos)
  • Additional European perspective (20 min)
    Roberto Bruschi or Chiara Lombardo, 6GREEN (CNIT)Break (15 min)
  • Additional international perspective (20 min)
    David Soldani (Rakuten)
  • Additional European perspective (20 min)
    N.N., Horse project
  • Additional European perspective (20 min)
    N.N., Flex-scale projectDiscussion and interaction (20 min)


February 13
February 14
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