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What is 6G? When is it coming? If 5G is being launched right now, why are we already talking about 6G? Who is standardizing 6G? Will 6G be called…6G? Some questions might look fun. In case you have doubts, check the first answers at Free 6G Training!

6G Mobile Wireless Communications – Vision, Roadmap, Technologies & Use Cases




After our successful launch of ‘5G for Absolute Beginners‘ course in 2020, we decided to create an introductory training course on 6G Mobile Wireless Communications technology. The best way to navigate this course is via the Free 6G Training page at: – this will ensure that you have the latest version of each video and also the most recent version of the 6G technologies videos as and they are added.

Roughly around every 10 years or so, a new generation of mobile wireless technology comes along to upgrade and enhance the current mobile technology in use while at the same time fixing the issues and challenges associated with that.

2G was designed mainly for voice and SMS, while 3G brought along faster internet. 4G enhanced the speeds to make it a truly mobile broadband network while at the same time fixing the power consumption issues in the devices. 5G brought along even faster speeds, competing with the existing wired broadband in many countries but at the same time making it the first mobile wireless technology to also focus on Industrial IoT, Private Networks and, reducing latency and improving reliability to allow some amazing use cases which could not have been possible before.

5G is also one of the fastest adopted mobile wireless technologies ever. By the end of 2020, over 400 operators in over 130 countries were investing in 5G. As 5G is going from vision to reality, researchers, governments and other industry players have now turned their focus to what comes beyond 5G, that is 6G.

6G is still many years away with the rollouts expected around 2030. It will be built on the foundations laid by 5G, looking for enhancements it would provide and challenges that it would be expected to fix.

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