SNS JU January 2024 Newsflash

In this last newsflash of January 2024, find back

    • a recap of events where SNS JU or the 5G and 6G communities have an impact,
    • join the discussion followed by SNS JU projects news
    • and do not miss any coming events in the Save-the-Dates !

5G and 6G Events catch-up:


On 14 December 2023, the 25th InfoCom World Conference took place in Athens, Greece. The conference was at the crossroads of the past, present and future, as it marks 30 years of mobile telephony in Greece. The 2nd day (15 December) was dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, highlighting its most important aspects, the value of its applications, and the effect it now has on all vertical markets.


Four SNS projects were there; 6G-SANDBOX, ADROIT6G, 6G-BRICKS and NANCY projects presented initiatives, insights and activities.


Dr. Harilaos Koumaras from NSCRD ‘Demokritos’, presented 6G-SANDBOX, in the context of the Workshop: “Modern Research and Development Projects: Creating the Pillar for Investment and Innovations in the ICT Converged (Vertical) Markets”.


Christos Verikoukis and John Vardakas, from ADROIT6G and presented the project during session 6: “Establishment of Novel Architectural Frameworks for the Support of B5G/6G Infrastructures”.


Christos Verikoukis unveiled the groundbreaking 6G-BRICKS initiative, offering attendees an exclusive insight into the future of communication technology. Christos Verikoukis and Ioannis Chochliouros, presented a shared vision for a cutting-edge experimentation facility dedicated to validating and showcasing 6G technologies. The event’s Session 5, exploring 6G-IA SNS Experimental Infrastructures, provided valuable insights into 6G-BRICKS and the 6G-SANDBOX Research Projects.


NANCY’s consortium partners presented the whole project, starting from the global initiative to the early achievements.

Hexa-X-II Workshop with 8 other 6GSNS Phase 1 projects

On 26 January 2024, a dedicated online workshop was organized by Hexa-X-II together with many 6GSNS Phase 1 projects, DETERMINISTIC6G, DESIRE6G, FLEX-SCALE, 6G-NTN, TERRAMETA, TIMES, RIGOROUS, HORSE.

The workshop went into the details of 6G architecture, and also provided a view on the standardization process towards 6G.


6Gsec Common Path and Cardinal Points “6Gsec CP²”

On 23 January 2024, the 6Gsec Common Path and Cardinal Points “6Gsec CP²” took place in Paris, France. The event was organised by the SNS OPS project, ECSO, Networld Europe and hosted by PTTC (Transfer Programme at the Cyber Campus).


The “6Gsec CP²” conference brought together the cyber and 6G communities to discuss the following topics:

  • European policies, threat landscapes and known challenges
  • Current Research and innovation agendas
  • Technical focus and collaboration perspectives

This event was a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners and decision-makers from the cyber and 6G communities to come together and share ideas on how to ensure the security of 6G networks and services. The event featured several keynote speakers, as well as round tables and technical sessions on the following topics:

  • The future of cybersecurity in the 6G era
  • Opportunities to build mutual understanding
  • Research roadmap convergence and collaborations between the Cyber and 6G communities

Detailed calendar of the event:

  • 09:30 – Host welcome
  • 10:00 – Policies landscape – Matteo Mole, ESCO
  • 10:30 – Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda – Fabio Martinelli, ECSO WG6 chair, IITR CNR Rui Aguiar, Network Europe Chair, U.Veiro
  • 12:00 – Threat Landscape – Apostolos Malatras, Team Leader Enisa
  • 12:30 – Lunch
  • 13:30 – 16h30: Technical discussions gathering European experts (round table)
  • 13h35 – Security architecture and distribution in 6G – Antonio Skarmeta, Professor, Head of Research Group, U.Murcia, Daniel Kofman, Co-CEO PEPR, Director LINCS, Telecom Sud-Paris IMT, Shahid Raza, Director, Cybersecurity Unit, RISE
  • 14h15: Secure AI for Secure 6G – Madhusanka Liyanage, Asst. Prof., University College Dublin, Christos Xenakis, Professor, University of Piraeus, Gür Gürkan, Senior Lecturer, ZHAW
  • 14h55: Pause Networking
  • 15h05: Crypto-based technologies application in 6G – Madhusanka Liyanage, Asst. Prof., University College Dublin – Christos Xenakis, Professor, University of Piraeus – Eva Fogelstrom, Director, Security Research Ericsson – Samuel Dubus, Dpt Head, Security Research Laboratory, NOKIA Bell Lab
  • 15h45: Sharing Security Knowledge and deployment – Eva Fogelstrom, Director, Security Research Ericsson, Hervé Debar, Research Director, Telecom Sud Paris/IMT, PEPR, Shahid Raza, Director, Cybersecurity Unit, RISE
  • 16h30 – 17h30: Paving the way for common roadmaps engaging both communities – Pavlos Fournogerakis, Dpt Head of program, Smart Network and Services SNS-JU, Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho, Interim Executive Director ECCC, Fabio Martinelli, ECSO WG6 chair, IITR CNR, Rui Aguiar, Network Europe Chair, U.Veiro

SNS JU Project news:

6G-SANDBOX Open Call 2 Info Session Video


On 13 December 2023, the project coordinator, presented 6G-SANDBOX Project and the Open Call 2 definition and procedure for the interested parties in an online information session.

CONFIDENTIAL6G Project is on Zenodo

On 14 December 2023, the CONFIDENTIAL6G project announced its availability on the Zenodo platform.

Results of the first Open Call organized by Imagine-B5G

On 15 December 2023, Imagine-B5G announced the winners of its First Open Call. Divided in two different types of projects – platform extensions (PE) or vertical experiments (VE), and with the possibility of applying to four different facilities – Norway, Spain, Portugal and France, the project summed up 68 submissions. 15 projects were selected, the list of project and the institutions that are developing them are available on the link below.

Hexa-X-II Announces Agenda for the 6G Series Workshop in February 2024



On 19 December 2023, Hexa-X-II announces a comprehensive virtual workshop scheduled for February 2024, in collaboration with other European projects from ICT-52. The event is open to all. It promises to go deep into the future of wireless communication, focusing on the drivers, system architecture, and innovations shaping 6G technology.

You can register here until 9 February 2024.

6G-BRICKS First Open Call

On 27 December 2023, 6G-BRICKS launched its first Open Call, out of 2. The two rounds of open calls will be organized to select up to 14-26 sub-projects for the roll-out of 3rd party experiments on 6G-BRICKS experimental infrastructure. A total of EUR 1.680.906 corresponding to 20% of the project’s total budget, will be provided in the form of lump sum funding of up to €120.000 with max EUR 60.000 per beneficiary. The objective of the Open Calls is to validate the capabilities, functionalities and performance of the 6GBRICKS experimental facility in extended domains which will complement those of the internal Use Cases.

FIDAL Concludes Its First Round Of Open Call



On 30 December 2023, FIDAL concluded its first Open Call. The funding opportunity was initiated on 15 September 2023 and invited SMEs, innovators, research institutions, groups of entrepreneurs, and infrastructure owners looking to test innovative solutions beyond 5G in the fields of Media and PPDR.

The consortium was pleased to witness a high level of interest in the call which received a total of 92 applications. A dedicated Open Call team, who has been coordinating the efforts since the beginning of the process, is currently reviewing all the applications received. Selected candidates will be announced in due course in the first trimester of 2024.

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