5G PPP TMG Working Group – Basic Testing Guide: A Starter Kit for 5G KPIs Verification

The Test Measurement and KPIs Validation Working Group has just published a White paper: Basic Testing Guide.


This Basic Testing Guide document is a practical guide describing the starter kit developed in the context of the 5G PPP Test, Measurement and KPI Validation work group. The guide enables the interested developer to understand how this can be applied to measure and verify basic 5G KPIs. The document starts from describing the idea intention to measure up to the actual realization of the test. To enable the test, a description of the environment, how to install it, the test tools and the methodology is provided. It goes from idea to run the actual test, step by step. The proposed framework with the support of the described android agents can in principle support the validation of application level KPIs running at the android UEs, while for other application-specific KPIs running at other systems, the development of specialized plugins is necessary.

Read more here.

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