The SNS Journal 2024 is out!

The SNS Journal 2024 prepared by the SNS OPS project has been released. This second issue aims to present the Call2 projects launched in early 2024 and give a flavour of the Call1 project’s first achievements after 1 year of operation.

2023 market important milestones for the SNS Community and the JU. From the technological requirements analysis, use case definitions, and architectural designs, to the early insights of the R&I projects. From the enlargement of the international and EU ecosystem of the SNS JU to the monitoring and analysis of global 6G trends and innovative collaboration tools delivered by the Coordination and Support Action projects. All projects have contributed to the successful start of Europe’s 6G journey and the establishment of a strong foundation for further EU-based technological advancements.

Download or read it online here: SNS Journal 2024 – SNS JU (



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