IAFA EVENT SERIES #4-3: Third event on pre-Standardisation – Next Steps: 6G Trials and Testing

Impact Assessment and Facilitation Action (IAFA) #4-3
Third in a series of 3 events on Pre-Standardisation:

About this event: 

Event #4-3 Next Steps: 6G Trials and Testing
Date: 13 May 2024 at 11 am 2024 CEST




Summary: This third and concluding session (4.3) explores the relationship between 6G pre-standardisation and large-scale trials, already a central topic of R&D projects under the SNS JU Phase I, specifically from stream C  (SNS Experimental Infrastructure) and stream D (Large-Scale SNS Trials and Pilots). The event will also introduce an array of tracking tools being developed by the 6G-Start, SNS-ICE and SNS-OPS CSA projects. These tools are designed to map relevant use cases, vertical associations, and pre-standardisation efforts within 5G and 6G projects. As this event wraps up this short series, key themes that have emerged throughout the three events will be summarised in a final report, which will be available at the HSbooster.eu booth at the upcoming EuCNC 6G Summit in June.



Moderator: Claudio de Majo (Research Analyst at Trust-IT Services)

11:00   Welcome and introduction
Claudio de Majo (Research Analyst at Trust-IT Services)

11: 10   Standardization challenges and opportunities in STREAM D projects: FIDAL perspective
David Artuñedo Guillen (FIDAL project)

11: 40   How Data Spaces and Data Sharing are Playing a Role in Green Use Cases and Standardization
Muslim Elkotob (Principal Solutions Architect at Vodafone)

12:10   First interactive poll session with audience

12:20   Towards Sustainability SDG Goals in 6G
Tasos Dagiuklas (Head of Cognitive Systems Research Centre at London South Bank University)

12:50   Second interactive poll session with audience

13:00 Event closure


About this series: The standardisation of 5G and the advancement towards 6G technologies pose considerable challenges, particularly in meeting the diverse requirements of industry verticals ranging from automotive to public safety. Ensuring these technologies and their services align with end-user needs requires a meticulous standardisation process, accounting for the capabilities and performance characteristics vital for different applications. This necessity highlights the importance of collaboration between industry experts and standardisation communities to produce globally recognised standards that facilitate interoperability and enable the full potential of 5G and 6G applications.

The evolution towards 5G Advanced in the shift from 5G to 6G propelled by the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) emphasises the strategic role of European contributions in shaping the global standardisation ecosystem, a critical factor for maintaining competitive advantage in telecommunication systems and services. The evolution towards 6G is posed to significantly influence business sectors and societal functions, emphasising the need for multi-stakeholder collaboration. In the SNS context, the 6G-IA pre-standardisation working group aims to align with key standardisation bodies to ensure European stakeholders continue to be influential in the rapidly developing landscape of mobile communications.

This online workshop series, organised by SNS OPS as part of its Impact Assessment and Facilitation Action (IAFA) initiative in collaboration with ETSI and HSbooster.eu, will tackle relevant topics linked to challenges in standardisation in the context of 5G/6G developments. The events will feature the participation of experts sponsored through HSbooster.eu premium service programme and will tackle topics such as SDOs’ future 6G Agendas, SDOs 6G Work Items, verticals and standardisation, including the advancements and support of services enabled by 5G and 6G.

Organisers:       SNS OPS       HSbooster.eu         ETSI

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Event #2 was private.



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